With a brightness as powerful as the sun
With a sense of transparency that draws you in
Sabers Diamond.

The secret to its beautiful shine is that it uses raw stones mined from high-quality mines in southern Africa, such as South Africa, Botswana, and Lesotho. We have a lineup that brings elegance to the wearer and can be used for both dressed up and casual wear.


“The trajectory of the miraculous precious stone” is,
It started in Southern Africa.

Ethical & Sustainable

Since its founding in 2006, Sabers has been the first in the world to clarify the provenance (history) and traceability (production history) of raw stones.

A number of up to 10 digits is engraved on the girdle (the longest part of the diamond's circumference) of diamonds larger than 0.17 ct, and we not only manage the history of the polishing factory and the person in charge of polishing, but also polish them locally in Southern Africa. By implementing this, we are expanding employment and contributing to improving the living standards of local people. In other words, Sabers diamonds can be said to be ethical and sustainable.

SABIRTH × Hiroko Hatano
First collaboration jewelry

Inspired by the HP content "SA MAGAZINE", we created collaboration jewelry with Hiroko Hatano.

A diamond pendant that embodies the Sabers style has been created with the flower motif of the protea species ``Petro'', which is native to South Africa.

Wax Flower

Wax Flower

The second edition, ``Wax Flower,'' which was created in collaboration with Hiroko Hatano, which appeared in the first edition, was well-received and is a combination of ``diamonds and Akoya pearls'' for the first time in SA BIRTH. Special jewelry that gives a graceful yet neat impression is suitable for both special occasions and everyday life, and will accompany you at important milestones in your life.



The flower language of the protea, South Africa's national flower, is "freedom."
The rounded inner flower core of "Petro", which is said to be rare among the protea species, and the spatula-shaped petals surrounding it are expressed in a pendant with diamonds that emit strong light. .

The unique platinum and gold design can be enjoyed individually, or you can freely express your individuality by using the same material or mixing materials to create a sophisticated chest look.


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